Bijou Releases 5 Lee Stern Titles on DVD

Joanne Cachapero
CHICAGO — Distributor/retailer Bijou Video has released five gay vintage titles, directed by Lee Stern. The movies have been remastered and repackaged by Bijou, and are available for the first time on DVD.

Stern, a former performer, founded Canyon Studios in the mid-80s and became well known for his roster of young male performers, voyeuristic style and realistic scenarios.

Bijou, which has an extensive catalog of vintage films, has been in the process of restoring movies from the ‘70s and ‘80s to their original quality and then recapturing the footage on DVD.

The Stern selections include “Full House,” a frat house-based release, starring Chad Johnson, Dane Ford, Peter King and Chaz Holderman.

Originally released in 1986, “Growing Years” features performers Devon Adams, Steve Daniels, Rick Conti, Sean Williams and Chris Thompson, in a youthful scenario where the actors discuss Dungeons & Dragons and play Scrabble before moving on to other games.

“All the Right Boys” tells the story of a young man’s coming of age in Los Angeles, featuring Scott Roberts in the role of Cory Baker, as well as performers Tony Roberts, Michael Cummings and Dana Pearson, with an onscreen appearance by Stern.

Filmed in Palm Springs, “Desert Heat” features Billy Sparks, Jeff Bentley, Shawn Peters, Tony Roberts and Sergio Canali in several outdoor scenes.

And in “Southern Comforts” performers Justin Tyler, Rob Monroe, Steve Daniels, Ryan Thomas, Randy Adkins and Tony Roberts star in what Studflix Magazine called “an overall charming look at the sexual flowering of manhood below the Mason-Dixon Line.”

The Stern titles are available separately from and select distributors of gay adult videos.

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