Bijou Releases Trio of ‘80s Bear Titles

Joanne Cachapero
CHICAGO — Gay distributor/retailer Bijou World has rereleased a trio of titles from the late ‘80s, directed by a pioneer of “bear” content Richard Bulger.

Bijou Video originally produced “Butt … Of Course,” “Butthole Banquet 2” and “Butthole Banquet 3” in 1988. Now, the titles have been digitized for rerelease and are available for the first time on DVD.

According to Bijou, the titles mark a significant moment in the history of gay video, which up until the late ‘80s had been focused on handsome, hairless men for models.

Bulger, who eventually published Bear Magazine and founded Brush Creek Media, was an originator of content featuring hairy, masculine men of all ages and included ethnically diverse models.

The three butt worship titles feature solo and paired models involved in various types of ass play, using toys and other objects on themselves and each other.

“Butt … Of Course,” “Butthole Banquet 2” and “Butthole Banquet 3” are available separately from Bijou Video and other select gay distributors.

Bijou World, founded by Steven Toushin, is a historic producer/distributor of gay content for the last 30 years. Their storefront location in Chicago includes a retail outlet, adult theatre and an extensive collection of adult materials including films, videos, magazines and books geared mainly towards the gay, BDSM and leather communities.

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