Nalpac Expands Svakom Product Offerings

FERNDALE, Mich. — Leading adult toys distributor Nalpac has announced its expansion of the Svakom collection by introducing the new Svakom vibrators Keri and Mini Emma. Svakom is introducing the Mini Emma as a smaller alternative to the successful Emma wand. 

"Mini Emma is a powerful smaller version of our popular wand vibrator for women," Svakom said. "It's designed especially for those who love medium or small sized massagers but still want the power of larger sized vibrators."

Keri, the latest vibrator by Svakom, features a contoured, semi-arced head design with a stainless steel tail end. 

"Keri is the new standard in luxury clitoral stimulators," Svakom said. "Keri's unique semi-arced massaging head will stimulate the clitoris with accuracy and take you to new, unparalleled heights of pleasure."

Svakom, founded in 2006, recently generated attention with the Siime, a vibrator that offered features like video recording, a waterproof medical-grade silicone body, and a long-lasting rechargeable battery. 

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