Dave Pounder Sues School District in Federal Court

Rhett Pardon

BOCA RATON, Fla. — Dave Pounder, the retired adult film producer, director and performer, has filed a federal lawsuit against the Palm Beach School District, which rejected his banners at a number of schools touting his tutoring company.

After several years advertising his math tutoring services for kids sixth grade and up, the district cut ties with Pounder after they found about his porn past.

Pounder, whose real name is Dave Mech, is president of Dave Pounder Productions, which produced reality-based adult movies from 2003-2010. He also served as an executive with Daydream Entertainment Group, an online adult company, from 2003-2008.

But Pounder is best known as a director, who started  in 2001 in the biz and went on to direct more than 100 titles for companies including PIMPROLL, Hundies, Top Bucks, Python, Pay Serve, Blazing Bucks, Kink.com, Mayors Money, Rage Cash, Triple X Cash  and BangBros.com. 

Pounder, however, said that Dave Pounder Productions is no longer in the business of producing XXX movies.

Instead, one of his companies recently financed, produced and is marketing the documentary "Risky Business: A Look Inside America's Adult Film Industry." The movie, which had a budget of $50,000, has had screenings in various film festivals nationwide.

Pounder also is an educational instructor going by the handle Happy/Fun Math Tutor who marketed his educational services on three school fences in the district.

Earlier this year, however, parents confronted the district and complained about the banners, only because Pounders was identified as a former porn star.

Parents voiced "great concern over the potential for the students using your tutoring services to become subjected to your adult entertainment business,"  Palm Beach School District General Counsel Sheryl Wood wrote in a March 15 letter to Pounders.

The school district further argued that the tutoring and porn companies share the same Boca Raton, Fla., business address.

But Pounders told XBIZ that he never discussed porn with students and never had students over to his home, instead tutoring them in their homes or in public venues.

"There is no logic here," Pounders said. "The tutoring business is age appropriate, consistent with community values and consistent with the educational mission of the school district.

"I'm a highly educated and ethical individual, no criminal background and a desire to do good for this community."

Pounders, who paid $1,750 for the three signs, said he didn't get any refunds from the district, which considered the money donations.

As a result of the banners' expulsion from school grounds, Pounders filed suit on his own against the school district last week in federal court for undisclosed damages, claiming his civil rights have been violated and that the district breached its contract.

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