24 Websites Named in Manwin Cybersquatting Suit

Rhett Pardon

LOS ANGELES — Manwin has filed suit against the operators of 24 more websites with domains that are similar to its YouPorn.com, Tube8.com, xHamster.com and Pornhub.com properties.

In June the adult entertainment conglomerate filed another suit against operators of 28 domains that had variants to its stable of domains.

The latest suit asks for $2.4 million in damages against at least 10 John Doe defendants who operate YouPorn-Deutsch.com, YouPornHard.com, YouPorn-Nederlandse.com, Free-YouPorn.com, RedTube-YouPorn.com, UPorno.com, YouPorn.Milf-Fucking.info, YouPorn-Beurette.com, YouPornCams.com, YouPorn fr.com, YouPorn-fr.net, YouPorn-HQ.com, YouPornHubSexe.com, YouPornMobile.corn, YouPorn oz.corn, YouPornSexy.com, YouPorn-X.corn, YouPornYourself.com, YPLF.com, Tube8.org, Tube-8 .info, Tube8Sexy.com, Tube8-fr.com and xHamsterTube8.com.

Manwin said it is unaware of the true names or capacities of the Does and that all of the domain names in the suit direct users to adult-oriented content and services that directly compete with Manwin properties.

The sites named in the suit, filed last month, include those in French, German, Dutch and English languages. One site is designed for mobile use.

The complaint, filed at U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, seeks $100,000 per domain property for violating the Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act, injunctions from operating the infringing sites, transfers of the sites to Manwin and attorneys fees.

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