Bijou Video Restores Erotica Classic 'In Heat'

JC Adams
CHICAGO — Production and distribution house Bijou Video has restored the 1986 all-male erotica classic "In Heat" and introduced it on DVD for the first time to the wholesale-retail market.

The original Hand in Hand Films production was a collection of five short subjects helmed by a group of legendary directors: "Before Time" and "8 A.M." by Jack Deveau; "3 P.M." by Peter de Rome; and "Midnight" by Bob Alvarez.

The fifth film — "Noon" — stars Bobby Madison, Brian Michaels and JD Slater and reflects its mid-'80s milieu. "Amid mats and mirrors, an aerobics class takes a fuck break in which Michaels is insatiable and the mirrors ingeniously heighten the thrills," a Bijou rep said.

Deveau's "Before Time" features an "eerie, haunting DeMarco, a dark-haired hedonist, fondling his cock and a boa constrictor with equal ardor, and using the snake as a living cock ring," said the rep.

Meanwhile, "8 A.M." focuses on voyeuristic thrills as well as "phone sex, underwear, binoculars and inventive photography. It stars three clones who could be brothers: blond hunk Greg Gaines, Bob Gaines and Frank Gaines."

"3 P.M." is a "lighthearted fantasy," per the Bijou rep, and tells the story of "marathon runner Scorpio and his adoring fan, Keith Anthoni." Director Alvarez’ "Midnight" presents "a leather-clad intruder to Cody Richards’ orifices."

"In Heat" is available now. Visit Bijou World online or call 800-932-7111 for additional details.