MySpace to Unveil Browser Toolbar Tomorrow

Bob Preston
LOS ANGELES — Starting tomorrow, Windows users will be able to keep constant track of their MySpace profiles using a new toolbar that's compatible with Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

The toolbar will keep users constantly logged into MySpace, automatically signing them in when they launch their browser. A toolbar for the Mac versions of Firefox and IE is planned for a future date. The toolbar will initially be released in United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India and Ireland.

Besides basic MySpace information like new messages, the toolbar will keep users up to date on all of their friends' activity on the site, as well. A Google-powered search field will also be featured in the toolbar.

The toolbar is based on MySpace's Open Platform, a development initiative that lets programmers build applications for MySpace, much in the same way that Facebook lets independent developers make miniature apps for its site. In fact, MySpace COO Amit Kapur said that any third-party developer could have made the toolbar using the Open Platform.

Despite the rise of Facebook, MySpace remains a cultural touchstone and a popular way for adult performers, directors and personalities to connect with fans. Most adult performers maintain some kind of presence on the social-networking giant, including "Dexter" guest star Ryder Skye,. In addition, Hustler Magazine recently ran a feature called "Girls of MySpace."