A Comprehensive Approach

Cheryl Cain
Whether you're an experienced webmaster developing a new premium website or a newbie looking to start your first paysite project, there are certain considerations that must be addressed, including how to manage, present and charge surfers for access to your content.

What if I told you that there was a free and easy way to deal with all of these issues, allowing you to automatically generate and manage your website, while offering visitors the choice of accessing your individual content files through an integrated pay-per-click billing system – would you be interested in hearing more?

I'm talking about the free Content Management Tool offered by micro-payment processing provider PayAsYouClick (PAYC) and it could revolutionize the way in which you build and market your websites.

Available to sponsors, content providers and webmasters wishing to create a PAYC-optimized site, the company will install this tool on your server for free, build you a working site from your own content and then hand it over for you to continue updating with new content. The Content Management Tool will then automatically generate all of the galleries and associated pages from your newly uploaded content, without the need for any HTML coding unless you are optionally creating new gallery templates. You can see an example website at

You can specify the amount you wish to charge surfers for access to your content; for example, five cents per-picture or a dollar per-gallery via pay-per-click, or even offer a micro-subscription offering full access to all of the pictures on your site at $2 for 30 minutes of access time. Want to make more money? Offer premium videos at up to $5 per-clip or ZIP files of your photosets at up to $5 each in addition to what you charged on top of the site or gallery access price. I don't want to dwell on the infinite pricing options now available to you, however, since I want to focus on using this new tool.

One of the neat uses of PAYC is to build "hybrid" galleries that offer a mixture of free and pay-per-click content items, allowing adult webmasters to sell directly from their galleries, increasing the profitability of TGP/MGP traffic. This new Content Management Tool will automatically generate these promotional galleries which you can use to drive traffic to your site and offer to your affiliates as free hosted galleries (FHGs). Speaking of driving traffic to your site, whenever the Content Management Tool updates your site, it will submit it to the PAYC Gallery List, informing surfers of your updates and sending customers your way.

Getting started with the Content Management Tool is easy. You'll need a domain on a server running Apache, Linux or FreeBSD (pretty much anything besides Microsoft). Your content must be accessible from this domain, either directly or by symlink and it will be htaccess protected. The company will need FTP access to this domain to install the tool (once installed, they will no longer need access). Make sure that PHP and a MySQL database are available and you're all set.

The company will install the tool for you and get your site started with gallery templates, including building a good number of galleries from your content. Your site will be optimized for PayAsYouClick spending and ready to go live. They will take you through the tool so you know how to use it and you'll then be able to take over the site and upload additional content and tweak the design, etc. This is an easy way to get a new paysite up and ready for business, with no hassles or VISA fees.

Some Helpful Tips
PayAsYouClick sites generally sell three types of content: movies divided into manageable chunks (up to 30MB each, for example) for easy downloading, pictures, and ZIP files of complete photosets which are automatically created by the Content Management Tool. These will all be presented to the surfer in multi-page galleries, with each gallery containing the picture set and any videos that are associated with it. The pictures (which help to sell the videos) are sold for a few cents each, the videos at up to $5 per-clip.

It is helpful to generate some 10 second clips from your video, with screen caps, to use for samples on promotional galleries. These can be reduced in quality and should be no bigger than, for example, 1.5MB each. Use a screen capture to link to each section of the video, so the user can see what he's going to get in that clip. These screen-caps will be reduced down to a size that fits your template, usually around 200x200 or so.

WMV or MPEG formatted videos are recommended because everyone can play them and they give the least problems with missing codecs, etc. If you must use a different format, provide some free samples in exactly the same format so surfers can try playing them first and provide a link where the surfer can obtain players, codecs, etc. When choosing the bit rate and size of videos, remember that the goal is to get the surfer to buy lots of them. They need to play at reasonable quality, but while he's downloading, he's not spending, so try to achieve a balance between image quality and file size that will suit your market.

Photographs should be offered at a good resolution like 1024x768 or better. Remember that the customer is expected to pay for each image, and the higher the quality of these images, the more of them you'll sell. You don't need to make thumbnails as they'll be generated automatically. Large files used for free galleries can also be automatically reduced in size to save bandwidth.

There's Always a Catch
Content management systems can be pretty pricey and a tool that integrates CMS chores with flexible billing options is previously unheard of, so it might be surprising that the PAYC Content Management Tool is free. There's always a catch, however, but this one's reasonable: use enough content to make it worthwhile and keep the site dedicated to PayAsYouClick, without leaks to other payment systems or non-PAYC sites. While a little limiting, this policy enables PAYC and TGPs, etc. to promote your site knowing that they will receive commission on all sales, rather than worrying about their traffic leaking elsewhere.

This is also in your interest because many surfers landing on your site will already have PayAsYouClick accounts, and be ready to make payments with one click. If you confuse them with other billing options, they probably won't spend as much money. As for fresh traffic that you send to your site, not only will you receive a full payout for any purchases these visitors make, but half of everything your surfers spend on any other PAYC sites – for life – a win-win situation all the way around.

While I might be a little biased, I believe that using the PAYC Content Management Tool is one of the fastest and easiest tools for getting an adult paysite up and running and ready to charge customers for the content they want in the way they want to pay for it; ala carte. Try it out for yourself; it's free, you have nothing to lose, and fresh sales to gain!