Mainstream Possibilities

Cheryl Cain
Webmasters who focus their efforts exclusively on adult entertainment offerings may be short-changing themselves by overlooking a major opportunity: marketing “mainstream” products and services to their website’s visitors.

The reasons for marketing non-adult products and services to adult website customers are compelling: with so much free porn being readily available, all but the most demanding of surfers have little incentive to purchase more. This free porn, whether it’s on free sites, TGP or MGP sites, or P2P networks, does bring in visitors, however – visitors that have other wants and needs besides “porn.”

Someone who visits your MGP and jerks off to a few downloaded video clips isn’t likely to be interested in purchasing porn – he already took care of business – but in that process he might have seen some well-endowed performers that made him feel insecure about the size of his own manhood. Why should he have to go and look elsewhere to find a penis enhancement product? Offer it to him and you might make a sale.

While this is fairly typical of the ‘penis enlargement and toy store’ strategy that many adult sites have tried as a way to diversify their revenue streams, it is still an adult-centric focus that could be further broadened for greater profits.

One popular upsell has always been “eraser” programs intended to cover the tracks of surfers bouncing around the nether regions of cyberspace. Spyware and adware removers and other products and services targeting a consumer’s “fears” (especially when they’re already wary of the dangers of the Internet) can also do quite well., offers such products as well as modem and PC “speed boosters” and more.

While you might not want to send everyone over to, there are a number of “middle ground” products and services that can add to your bottom line, by targeting the demographics of your adult website visitors.

How many of them are overweight and out of shape? The same insecurities at play in the sales of penis enlargement products also drive the sale of weight loss and fitness products – you might be surprised at your sales.

There are many other possibilities. Mainstream affiliate program offers penis enlargement and weight loss products, and carries the concept further by offering a “work at home” program with a $25 payout. The company also offers a number of “free MP3 download,” “free movie download” and other sites for promotion, including a full Microsoft Office compatible software suite and search engine submission services for small business owners.

There are many options when it comes to marketing to your site’s visitors. The trick is to remember that these are “people” – not just numbers. Appeal to their wants, needs and desires and you will maximize your sales.

While I’m not suggesting that you abandon your adult affiliate program marketing, I am saying that by also offering targeted “non-adult” products and services to your adult site visitors, you will make a positive improvement to your bottom line. Try it for yourself and see.