Personal Networking

Cheryl Cain
Since personal networking is key to success in the adult industry and industry boards play a pivotal role in establishing a networking base, it’s vitally important to use them wisely. To help you avoid some common pitfalls, I'd like to present the top eight message board mistakes that can ruin your reputation in the webmaster community.

Sure to get the goat of most of the message board faithful. Hop right in there and slam them with some flagrant advertising of your product or service. This method is particularly effective if it can be delivered as your first post to the board. If the board has more than one forum, spreading it around a little helps to drive your heel into the impact of your delivery, perhaps consisting of your first four or five postings. You're sure to be a hit with this method.

Master of it All
A great way to foster those warm fuzzy feelings among your peers. Speak with arrogant resolve on any subject you wish, making sure that you sufficiently slam anyone who opposes your point of view on a subject matter. Make certain that you work your position with enough presence of mind so that no backup documentation of your position is required. That kind of needless justification only serves to clutter up the message board anyway and after all, they can Google it just like anybody else could.

When trying to establish a credible persona in your field, it is imperative that you use a free email account. Nothing sends the message of a fly-by-night operation better than that of a bonafide Yahoo or Hotmail account holder. This will also greatly enhance the effectiveness of "Master of it all" technique, above, for those wanting to use concerted efforts.

Confrontational Persona
Another excellent opportunity for a concerted effort with "Master of it all" above. Weigh in on as many ongoing discussions as possible. There is no better way to demonstrate your eagerness to participate in community discussions. This keeps people on their toes by having to prove every little thing they say and really gets points in the forceful personality column which helps build good business partnerships. Focus matter is really a non-issue in this regard, as long as you get yourself into the fray whenever possible.

Personal Banner
Nothing speaks to personal confidence like a good signature banner. For maximum effectiveness we recommend one at least border to border and a couple hundred pixels high. After all, message board policy regarding banners are simply guidelines and moderators need something to do, correct? Besides, members love only being able to see one message at a time, it helps cut down on confusion by forcing them to scroll past that "In your face" banner to get to the next message. Always a crowd pleaser, this one will get you noticed.

The alter ego for option #2 is the unequivocal need to be hand held. Don't even think of the doing the most basic of research on a question you may have. Members that may choose to help you do not like to have to contrast with information you may have already researched. They like to start on the first-grade level of common topics. It allows them the opportunity to mold the perception of a subject from the ground up, over and over gain, uncluttered by such trivial matters such as personal motivation. Questions like "How do I get started in the adult industry?" simply cannot get asked enough, despite the volumes written on the subject.

An all-time favorite! Always a great ice-breaker when introducing yourself to a crowd. Make sure that you point out anything that the message board is lacking in terms of services you found on other boards. Particular attention should be paid to what this board allows and that board allows. That will make you an instant hit with the board administrators. Extra attention should be paid when something you post gets moderated as well, after all, arguing with the moderator about a rule he or she enforced is paramount to bringing around a change in policy that the moderators couldn't possibly affect. Whining is also an all-purpose tool that loans itself to a variety of situations in individual discussions. When the chips are down and the argument lost, whining is a great fallback plan.

Thread Hijacking
Now we're talking about winning the hearts and minds. Whenever you see a serious discussion on a subject in progress, it's always a good idea to hop in there and try to change the subject. After all, single issues can get boring, and it is the mark of a true participant to add to the variety of discussion by taking over a thread in progress rather than bother to start a new topic yourself. After all, there is no sense in allowing a good subject to wind down. Stealing the show is just another way to scream "It's all about me!" and really enforce your self-centered nature.

Well there you have it; the top eight ways to work against the grain and ensure you blow any opportunities for gainful personal networking on the industry boards. Individually, they all score anti-points in the realm of networking, but when used without a clue, or in strategic concert with one another, they are a powerful way to proclaim that you're a basket case waiting for a place to happen. With a little practice, and a lot of determination, you too can be free of any pesky business opportunities, or cumbersome joint ventures with your industry peers.