Turbo Shaft

Turbo Shaft

Just like the Turbo Baller, I really enjoyed this Turbo Shaft by FemmeFunn because of its life-like feel and super firm shaft that was amazing.

I love the Super Turbo technology, which allows for a fast and full 360 degree motion. When I hit the turbo button, I was like, “OMG!” It was a powerful and fulfilling orgasm; it hit all the right spots.

There are eight vibration modes; it is rechargeable with a USB cord, made of silicone. It is body-safe and waterproof for fun water play.


The Turbo Shaft from our Vortex Series is one of the most unique and amazing toys available that uses the Super Turbo technology which allows for the item to circulate in a full 360 degree motion with 8 powerful vibration modes that has a Super Turbo button to cure all your lustful desires.

The lifelike shape and textured surface feel as good as the real thing. Sexy veined texture, ample length and girth provide deep satisfaction with about 6 inches insertable that starts with a 1.375 inch wide realistic phallic shaped head and tapers out to 1.625 inch max girth at the base of the straight shaft.

Tamara Payton Bell