Joanna Angel Pinwheel w/ leather sheath

Joanna Angel Pinwheel w/ leather sheath

This little tool is a must-have for the toy box, even if you’re not into BDSM play! The handle is heavy and very well-made. The spikes are very sharp, guaranteed to titillate the senses. We use the pinwheel during mostly all of our sessions. There’s so much power in this little tool because the pain depends on pressure and body parts. My sub never knows what to expect with this plaything!


This classic Wartenberg Pinwheel comes in a fetching leather sheath cut and stitched in The Stockroom's Los Angeles workshop, and designed to evoke Joanna Angel's signature streak of vibrant punk-pink hair.

One of our most popular sensation play toys, the Wartenberg Pinwheel is great for revving up your partner's engine with tingling, teasing touches that feel amazing everywhere you roll its stimulating pins.

This pinwheel is made of chrome-plated brass.

Darwin Gilliam