Bodywand Limited Edition Crystalized Rechargeable Massager

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Bodywand Limited Edition Crystalized Rechargeable Massager

I don’t even want to use this beauty, I just want to put it in a display case in my living room so all my friends get jealous. This is sex toy “balla” status baby! Or hang it from my ceiling and shine a light on it like a disco ball. This body massager is so beautiful. I am a sucker for anything that is not only sparkly but can give me an orgasm. It is wicked powerful and multiple speeds and pulsations to play with. It really does make a great back massager as well. It’s rechargeable so I never need to worry about batteries and operates silently. It comes with extra crystals just in case one ever pops off. Plus it’s a limited edition — only the best for my vagina. All ladies need a crystal vibrator in their lives. You feel like a naughty princess when using it.

Market Appeal

This needs to be on display and a place where everyone can see it. It’s perfect to place with you lingerie items since it’s a body massager and not phallic. This Bodywand would make a wonderful present for everyone. It’s great for bridal showers and bachelorettes — or for the husband trying to make his wife happy. This item must be displayed on a shelf; there is no hang tab.


An absolutely gorgeous massager wand studded with sparkly crystals, this petite Limited Edition version of the much-loved Body Wand, like the fantastic original, is giving some of the more unwieldy models a run for their money. With mind-blowing, toe curling power and a manageable, lighter weight shape, this massager is ideal for stimulation and relaxation body-wide.

The sleek wand style shape fits smoothly in hand, letting you comfortably and easily direct the flexible Velvet Touch head over, around and against sore muscles or more intimate areas; a simple switch starts up and varies the ultra powerful dual speed vibration. If you're familiar with electric massagers, you'll know how powerful they can be, but the Body Wand easily matches the deep down intensity without any cord of wires to get in the way. It was specifically engineered for strong, continuous stimulation that won't quit until you're satisfied and sated. You'll also appreciate the subdued sound levels, which, considering the power, are impressive. It's not the quietest vibrator you'll come across, but it's much less intrusive than most electric models.

Lucy Vonne