Bettie Page Picture This Spanking Bat

Bettie Page Picture This Spanking Bat

I love this paddle! It has a smooth side and a quilted side. The quilted side felt nice and plush when my partner was rubbing it against my ass cheeks. He began spanking me with that side and it felt good, not too much pressure. He eventually used the smooth side, which stung a little more, yet I thoroughly enjoyed each tap. This Bettie Page Spanking Bat is very well made with leather and the size is perfect for paddling. My partner had a great time giving me spankings with Bettie Page’s picture serving him with encouragement. It also comes with a collector’s card with Bettie Page’s stats and a keychain so you can take her with you everywhere you go.


Fetish lovers rejoice. Enjoy a jolly good spanking from the original queen of bondage with this luxurious dual-sided paddle. With 2 sides to play with and finished with an iconic image of Bettie's bottom it moves seamlessly from sweet to sharp slaps.

We've worked closely with Bettie Page's estate to combine years of Lovehoney knowledge with sensational Bettie Page styling. The result is a stunning collection of pleasure products to satisfy Bettie Page collectors, retro addicts and bondage enthusiasts alike.
Antonia Hunt