Motorhead Overkill 10-Function Pleasure Bullet

Motorhead Overkill 10-Function Pleasure Bullet

My husband thinks this is one of the coolest toys we have received. It’s sitting on a shelf for display. But it is also a great bullet. I love how it describes the stimulation as “face-melting pleasure gear from the loudest band on earth.” You will be the loudest one in the room once the bullet gets your senses tingling. There are 10 speeds and patterns to play with. Even for collectors or fans of the band this would be a great thing to have. Rock out your vagina to pleasure.


The official Motörhead Overkill bullet. Roar into sexual ecstasy with the full-throttle of its powerful vibrations. 3 speeds and 7 patterns soar arousal to its peak as the bullet's rigid body and pointed tip channel intense sensations to your clitoris.
Lucy Vonne