Kissable Body Oil - Sugared Berry

Kama Sutra
Kissable Body Oil - Sugared Berry

I have always loved Kissable Body Oil of Love by Kama Sutra. The flavor I am reviewing is Sugared Berry. It is a subtle berry flavor, sweet and has absolutely no after taste. The best part of this product is the effect you experience when using it. You put it on any part of the body, rub it and it starts to warm; blow on it and it get hot ... amazing! It can be used on both men and women and men love it just as much as women. Women, you don't have to worry about applying it on intimate areas, as it does not contain sugar or sugar-like ingredients.

Market Appeal

The packaging for this Kissable Body Oil is high quality, sexy and very informative. It is designed for a retail store or could do well for a home party company. The packaging is very well designed and will catch the eye for most female or male shoppers. It comes with clear and concise instructions that are on the package.


Kissable, water-based foreplay oil that gently warms on the skin. Apply Oil of Love to the erogenous zones of the body, lightly blow on the area to experience the gentle warming sensation and follow with kisses, enjoying the sweet flavor. Not a massage oil or a lubricant.
Tamara Payton Bell