Teddy Love

Teddy Love
Teddy Love

While to the innocent person this might look like your run of the mill teddy bear it does so much more than that. This is the bear that keeps on giving, and giving it to you just the way you like it. Yes people the bear does vibrate and you can use it to rub all over your special parts. It comes with 10 vibrations patterns to play with and specifically the nose and tongue of the bear are the main vibration points. He is also the perfect cuddle companion after. However he will not make you breakfast in bed. Hopefully this doesn’t get mixed up in your kids box of toys!

Market Appeal

Most stores probably don’t have a vibrating bear area so you might need to get creative. Will be a big hit for novelty purchases and gag gifts. Perhaps in the games section as well. Keep a few around the store in different places to catch the consumer’s eye. Packaging allows for you to see the bear in all its glory and allows you to feel how he feels by having a peephole in the side of the box.


Teddy Love is a unique, discreet, paradigm shifting vibrator, camouflaged in a Teddy Bear’s muzzle. Its motor is very strong creating orgasmic vibrations in Teddy Love’s nose and tongue. Teddy Love solves a few current challenges for women that own vibrators: Teddy Love can be used hands-free and used in different positions.

Teddy Love can be left out in the open and blends in with bedroom décor. Teddy Love can be cuddled and caressed. Teddy Love can be used by both women and men.Teddy Love can be purchased without fear or embarrassment. Teddy Love is adorable and non-phallic. To start to turn Teddy on, Squeeze Teddy Love’s right ear to turn him “on”. Squeeze Teddy Love’s left ear to increase the vibrator’s speed. Turn Teddy Love “on” so he can turn you “on”.

Lucy Vonne