Joe Gage, Ray Dragon Form D/G Mutual Media

JC Adams,
NEW YORK — Two gay adult icons — writer/director Joe Gage and performer/director Ray Dragon — have partnered for a new production label called D/G Mutual Media.

Their debut title is “Closed Set: Oral Report,” set for release December 1 through Arena Entertainment. Two additional titles are scheduled for early 2009.

“When I got back into the business [in 2001], I was starting to investigate the possibilities of the Internet and I noticed Ray’s site,” Gage told XBIZ. “I cold-called him, introduced myself and inundated him with questions. We became fast friends.”

The performer was soon cast in several films Gage helmed for Titan Media, among them “110° in Tucson.” Although signed as an exclusive director with Titan, Gage said he began dreaming up ideas that “didn’t really fit into the Titan scheme of things.”

He spoke to Titan Media CEO Bruce Cam, who signed off on the new venture. Gage, however, continues to shoot for the company and has two films in the pipeline for release later this year.

There are no plans for Dragon to appear onscreen in the initial D/G Mutual Media production slate. He and Gage will split directing and editing duties, and Dragon will serve as Director of Photography on all projects.

“We both want to delve into the void that was left with the departure of MSR Videos and director Tony Alizzi,” said Gage, citing the defunct boutique label’s tendency towards coercive sexual situations.

“Ray and I are gonna walk a little bit on the wild side,” he added.

Arena Entertainment will handle wholesale-retail distribution. There is no dedicated website at the moment for D/G Mutual Media but Gage and Dragon are currently combining their official websites.

Gage described “Closed Set: Oral Report” as “oral, jack-off and glory hole stuff, with one anal scene smack dab in the middle. The premise is that Ray and I are bringing a group of men together to test our new HD cameras and see how the guys look in the new format.”

The cast is composed of “mostly amateurs, with a few guys who have some titles on their resume,” Gage said, “and the return to the screen of a pro who shall remain nameless for the time being.”

Both men are Hall of Famers with iconic reputations. Gage directed the legendary trilogy of “L.A. Tool & Die,” “El Paso Wrecking Corp.” and “Kansas City Trucking Co.” in the 1970s. He returned to adult in 2001 following a break of nearly two decades.

“Closed Set: Oral Report” continues an iconic adult series. Gage produced the original film in 1980 and a sequel followed in 1984. He picked it up again with “Closed Set: The New Crew” for MSR Videos (since absorbed by Titan Media) in 2002, and followed that with “Closed Set: Titan Stage One” in 2006.

Dragon is an entrepreneur whose career in gay adult began in 1990 with several photo shoots and solo jack-off sessions for legendary COLT Studio photographer Jim French.

Despite the instant fame those early shoots bestowed, Dragon took a roughly decade-long hiatus from the industry. He returned in 2001 as a performer for Titan Media and COLT, and eventually formed his own studio, Dragon Media.