Industry Lawyer Piccionelli Asks McCain-Palin Opinion on Bush

Christopher Karwowski
LOS ANGELES — In a YouTube video posted this weekend, adult entertainment lawyer Gregory A. Piccionelli asks Republican candidates McCain and Palin "what do you think about [George W.] Bush?" The video, entitled "Here's A Real Question For The So-Called 'Mavericks,'" Piccionelli stares directly at the viewer and solicits the candidates' opinion of the incumbent president.

In a straight forward challenge, the prominent adult entertainment lawyer asks "do you think that this guy is the worst president in history or not? No, I mean really." Piccionelli continued to probe the candidates' views on the incumbent. "It's a simple question, not one that you can dance around and dodge," he asks. "If you're just like us [then] you gotta feel that this guy was the biggest screw up in history." He urges the two to "just admit it" if they feel similarly.

YouTube viewer "Admimay" responded to the question in the site's viewer reply section: "George Bush is a genius and I can prove it. It's the Keno argument. In Keno it's as rewarding to pick all the numbers, as it is to not pick any. George Bush proved he can make every wrong decision, which takes true genius." Adimay said. "Frankly, if you take a monkey and have him throw feces on a wall that's painted half yay and half nay, he'd get more decisions right. Statistically that would be 50 percent, which far exceeds Mr. Bush."

Piccionelli created the video due to his frustration with the "myth of these guys [McCain and Palin] being mavericks," Piccionelli told XBIZ. "I just want an answer to this basic question… what do they think of Bush?"

Piccionelli turned to YouTube since it is "one of the ways that would be quick and simple to show that the emperor has no clothes."

Piccionelli is a contributor to XBIZ.