Private Media Group Announces ‘Boroka Does the Caribbean’ Release

BARCELONA, Spain — Private has announced the release of “Boroka Does the Carribean,” which will feature Boroka performing her first DP ever for the company.

The film follows Boroka to the Caribbean after she finds out her fiancé cheated on her before the wedding. In an attempt to forget her disappointment, she embarks on a sex spree in the exotic beach location. She is joined by fellow Private girls Tarra White, Lucy Belle and Nesty among others in the six scenes of the movie.

“This film has two of my favorite elements, a good story and exotic locations,” Boroka said. “It was made in the Dominican Republic where it was hot and absolutely beautiful. I identified with the character that goes on holiday after she breaks up with her unfaithful boyfriend and decides to have her revenge by having lots of hardcore sex with everybody. I think if that happened to me I would do exactly the same as my character in the film.”

This is the 25th release with Private for the 21-year-old Hungary native who also has appeared on the “Private Tropical” and “Ibiza” series.