Brass Head Welcomes Sales Rep Robb McCullough

WEST BABYLON, N.Y. —, doing business as Inferno Lingerie, has announced Robb McCullough as its California, Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii sales representative.

McCullough has an extensive background in the adult industry, having previously served as an executive at a lingerie company.

"I am excited to have the Inferno Lingerie and Inferno Bound lines," McCullough said. "They fill a void in the lines I carry. I think Brass Head Inc.'s quality, styling and packaging are superior to its competitors, and I have already seen out there that the response from my customers has been terrific."

McCullough's office is in Highland, Calif., and his showroom is at the California Mart in Los Angeles.

For more information, contact McCullough at (909) 425-2102, or email