Antonio Biaggi Opens Eco-Friendly Store

JC Adams,
SAN FRANCISCO — Gay adult performer and Raging Stallion Studios exclusive Antonio Biaggi has opened Eco Boutique, a gift shop where every item is recycled, repurposed or otherwise made with sustainable materials.

Eco Boutique is based in San Francisco and operates with the tagline, “The home and gift store that cares about the planet.”

Items for sale include bamboo towels, soy candles, organic cleaners, recycled glassware and other similar products.

Eco Boutique also displays artwork by “green” artists who use recycled and organic materials.

The store additionally collects plastic bags, batteries and other items for recycling, and provides information about global warming and other ways to protect and preserve the environment.

“I have always been interested in preservation,” Biaggi told XBIZ and cited statistics about a marked increase in deforestation around the globe. “I told myself I wanted to do something to stop this and stop global warming. So Eco Boutique was born.”

Biaggi has filmed a handful of movies beginning with his 2007 debut in “Grunts” for Raging Stallion, and including the recently released “Bar Back.” He also maintains a blog.

He told XBIZ he plans to finish out his exclusive contract and then retire from gay adult in 2009.

Eco Boutique is located at 4035 18th Street in the Castro District of San Francisco. The official website will offer online sales beginning in Jan. 2009.