Stockroom Ramps Up Jawbreaker Ball Distribution

LOS ANGELES — calls the Jawbreaker Ball Gag its No. 1 novelty item being offered in time for Halloween.

"We were all enthusiastic about the product when we introduced it in January this year, but had no idea it would be in such demand. We're ready to ship now," said Tonja McDonald. "We've had a six-month waiting list and now everyone is ordering in bigger quantities."

The Jawbreaker Ball Gag offers a twist in fetish erotic play. Rather than the classic rubber ball that is strapped into the mouth, this updated version uses an edible ball made from “jawbreaker” candy that can last for hours.

Hustler Hollywood stores have recently added the patent-pending Jawbreaker Ball Gag to all of its locations. This popular item also will be available nationwide through several other retailers and in Europe soon, as well as on the Stockroom website.

The Jawbreaker Ball Gag is designed for an unlimited number of uses. Suggested retail price is $36.95 and refills of the jawbreaker candy also are available.