Playboy Looking for 'Women of Wall Street'

Tod Hunter
NEW YORK — Playboy magazine has reacted to the recent downturn on Wall Street by announcing plans for a "Women of Wall Street" feature for the February issue.

“Given the current economic climate, we thought that Wall Street could use something to smile about right now,” Playboy photo editor Gary Cole said.

Playboy has been known to look to headlines and newsmakers for its pictorial features, notoriously shooting a "Women of 7-Eleven" pictorial after the convenience store chain stopped selling the magazine in the '80s. Playboy ran "Women of Enron" and "Women of WorldCom" features in 2002 after those companies' failures, and ran a "Women of Wall Street" feature in 1989.

Current and recent employees of the financial world are invited to apply.

"It would be more interesting to have someone who's a financial analyst," Cole said.

Women who are interested in posing can apply by sending a headshot and a full-body shot to The following information is also required: full name, age, hometown, phone number, email address, employment location, a few sentences about themselves and a legible photocopy of a government-issued photo ID proving they are 18 or older.

Cole noted that the compensation is not the main motivator for models in Playboy's newsmaker pictorials.

"Whether you offer them $500 or $1,000 or $2,000 apiece, that's probably not going to change anybody's mind," he said. "The reason they do this is because they want the attention, the opportunity, the experience of doing it. It's not really for the money."

For more information, visit the Playboy website.