Michael Lucas Taunts Critics

JC Adams, GayPornTimes.com
NEW YORK — Lucas Entertainment CEO Michael Lucas has publicly responded to incredulous critical response to the debut title under his new Lucas Raunch banner — the descriptively titled “Farts!”

The all-male film’s focus on fetish sex includes watersports, enemas, fisting — and as the title suggests, flatulence. His response came in press release titled “My Genius: Michael Lucas.”

“I’m not sure what I’m laughing about more: either the name I chose for [this] press release, or about the title I gave my new film, or the publicity I’ve gotten from all the blogs,” he said.

Lucas said pre-orders for “Farts!” have exceeded that of his higher-profile, award-winning blue movie “Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita.”

By naming the new film “Farts!” Lucas said he achieved his goals. “The movie was promoted by all the blogs like no other movie in recent memory has been promoted.

“Keep in mind that because there are so many videos constantly being released, it’s really difficult to have a movie promoted so extensively like this as it was in the past,” he added.

“And my last point about laughing — I’m laughing all the way to the bank.”

In an earlier interview with XBIZ, Lucas dismissed critics of the film as “fools.”

“They may try to ridicule me, but really they’re insulting people who are looking for this fetish.”

Lucas toplines “Farts!” with vet performers Nick Capra, Jason Crew and Scott Spears. Newer costars include Cam Casey, Danny Delta, Josef Jakobs, Micah Lawrence, Sean Phillips and Jason Sparks.

“Farts!” will be available for wholesale and retail sales via Lucas Distribution on October 1.