Unveils Sci-Fi Themed 'Naked Combat'

SAN FRANCISCO —, the new gay division of San Francisco erotica studio, has launched "Naked Combat," a gay erotic wrestling series that takes users into a world where tough muscle studs are abducted and compelled by a mysterious force to fight each other, with the winner fucking the loser.

In the first episode, available now at, Fabrizio Mangiatti faces Rick Bauer. director Van Darkholme plays H3, "a third-generation holographic moderator," who "runs the show for an unseen force," compelling the captives to fight. The combatants' attempts to escape are met with lightning bolts from an invisible forcefield.

Soon, the two men wrestle naked to see which man will dominate the contest and get to top his opponent.

"The sight of two naked men locked in combat, pitting their bodies against each other, is unbelievably hot," Darkholme said. "It combines my love of muscles with a visceral intensity. 'Naked Combat' will focus primarily on wrestling, but we'll also incorporate other combat sports such as boxing, mixed martial arts, and so on, all with an erotic edge. There'll be fighting in oil, mud and water. We'll explore every kind of physical challenge for two gladiators struggling for sexual dominance."

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