Former Adult Film Director Joins Church Mission to Haiti

Slav Kandyba
CINCINNATI, Ohio — Don Adamson was once capturing sex scenes on video. Nowadays, it is parts of Haiti devastated by Hurricane Ike that capture Adamson’s interest.

Adamson is a missionary. In his past, however, before he “turned his life to God,” the Clermont County, Ohio, native was an adult film director, he told a Cincinnati TV station in a story.

When Ike swept over Haiti, leaving the island’s masses without food, shelter and schools, Adamson felt compelled to get over there and put his video camera to good use, in the process hoping to inspire other to give to the less fortunate.

"It just shocks you, there's just no other way to put it," he told the TV station, Local 12. "I know Hurricane Ike brought its own damage to this area, but if you can picture complete villages wiped away. They could watch their children wash out in the flood and one lady who is the leader in my area watched her two sons go down river."

Adamson’s wife Sandee and 16-year-old daughter joined him on the trip to Haiti as part of Mission of Hope, organized by their church.

"I told my wife when I married her, if you marry me, I'll build you a house in the Caribbean,” he told Local 12. “She didn't know I was talking about Haiti.”

The church has a school, an orphanage and a hospital in the works. CBS Evening News with Katie Couric recently aired a story on "Mission of Hope,” Adamson told Local 12. Adamson also keeps a blog.

The Adamsons’ say without animals or crops, Haitians are facing starvation, so one of their missions while back home in Ohio is to raise money to replace a year’s supply of food for a school in a Haitian village. They plan to go back to the island on Oct. 16.