Australian Trade Group Wants to Cap Sex Shop Growth

Slav Kandyba
BRISBANE, Australia — Adult trade group EROS has called for capping the growth of sex shops in Queensland, according to reports.

The Australian state has 180 shops, or 65 percent more than two years ago, according to a report in The Brisbane Sunday Mail. That is twice as many as Blockbuster video stores.

EROS is asking the state’s government to cap the number of sex shops and regulate them more strictly. Fewer stores would allow the officials to more efficiently police sales of illegal items, according to a United Press International report.

Queensland bans the sale of the most explicit DVDs and restricts the sale of some magazines.

Family First, an advocacy group, also wants to limit sex shops, saying too many are opening in suburban areas.

"I've had so many families say they don't want their children confronted with these sexual images and issues in suburban areas," Family First Chairman Peter Findlay told the media.