Swiss Parliament Passes Bill Banning Adult Mobile Content

Slav Kandyba
BERN, Switzerland — The Swiss national council has decided to prohibit commercial porn and violent videos to be distributed, downloaded or sold via mobile phones, subscription-only reported Monday.

“The main reason for the prohibition is protecting the Swiss youth from unwanted content,” according to the website.

“With this vote, the federal government is obligated to draft a law prohibiting porn and violent content to be freely available for all mobile phone users, although the government advised against such a bill as the making and distribution of such videos is expected to underground if it is prohibited, which makes it extremely difficult to keep track of such content.”

In June 2007, despite opposition from the national government, the Swiss Senate voted 25-4 in favor of banning the distribution of softcore pornography on mobile phones, XBIZ reported previously.

The politicians argued that such a ban was necessary to protect minors from accessing adult content.

Switzerland already has a national ban in place that prohibits the sale of pornography to minors, but the Senate argued that the existing legislation is inadequate.