TLA Sets DVD Release for 'Wrangler'

JC Adams,
PHILADELPHIA — TLA Releasing has announced an Oct. 28 DVD premiere for "Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon," the biographical documentary about erotica legend Jack Wrangler.

Produced and directed by Jeffrey Schwarz, the 82-minute documentary traces the life and career of Wrangler, an iconic figure in the early days of both gay and straight adult.

"Before Jeff Stryker and Michael Lucas, Jack Wrangler was the number-one name in gay porn. With piercing blue eyes, unruly blond hair, a chiseled physique and cocky swagger, Jack Wrangler was the king of '70s gay porn," the studio said.

"Forging a gay sexual revolution, he wasn't the typical object of homoerotic desire but an intelligent, full-bodied, self-confident stud. Exalted for his 80-plus adult films, the openly gay superstar even conquered the straight adult world and legitimate theater. Offscreen, his life was equally sensational — at 33, he married 55-year-old songstress Margaret Whiting.

"This is an unfiltered portrait of an iconoclast who broke all the rules."

Gay adult personalities who appear in the documentary include Gino Colbert, Durk Dehner, Jerry Douglas, Joe Gage and Chi Chi LaRue.

Notable names from the world of straight adult include Samantha Fox, Jamie Gillis, Al Goldstein, Gloria Leonard, William Margold and Sharon Mitchell.

"Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon" has screened at numerous film festivals and was given a brief theatrical run this summer. TLA Releasing is the theatrical distribution arm of TLA Entertainment Group, which also includes online retailer TLA Video.