CocoDorm Satirizes Tonight's Presidential Debate

JC Adams,
MIAMI —, a live webcam house, will parody tonight's scheduled presidential debates with a live sex show. CocoDorm housemates will wear masks representing Barack Obama, John McCain and the Clintons.

The show premieres at 8:00 pm EDT.

“CocoDorm boys will be asked a series of sexual questions and will perform various sexual acts with the other guys while wearing masks of the politicians,” the studio said.

Among the questions scheduled for the show:

· Who will fuck McCain first and hardest? Obama, Hillary or Bill?
· Can McCain still get it up?
· McCain chose Sarah Palin to dazzle the American public with tits and a pretty face. But can McCain’s dick get hard without his VP?
· Is McCain full of shit?

CocoDorm performers set to participate include Manny Baby, Elmo Jackson, Hot Rod, Shiri and “Dorm Dad” Will2k.

“We have been planning this for a month now and we’re gonna poke fun at this political campaign,” said Will2k. “Hopefully, they won’t send me to Gitmo for this.”

Will2k said CocoDorm plans similar live-sex show parodies to coincide with each of the forthcoming debates.

CocoDorm is a live webcam house based in Miami operated by FlavaWorks, Inc.