Cameroon Official Bans Pornography As It Gains Popularity

Slav Kandyba
YAOUNDE, Cameroon — In response to increasing sales of adult video, CDs and magazines, a district governor in the West Africa nation of Cameroon has issued an order banning adult material in the district of Mfoundi.

The order bans “reproduction and dissemination of erotic and pornographic writings and images in his jurisdiction,” according to a report published on Africa Press Agency’s website.

Joseph Beti Assomo, the prefect of the Mfoundi district where the national capital Yaounde is located, issued the order following “a homily by the city’s archbishop denouncing widespread pornography through cable television, and targets motels, hotels and video clubs.”

The report suggests that the ban will not be effective because adult material has been a “phenomenon [that] seems to have gained momentum in recent years.”

Downtown areas have a high concentration of street vendors selling erotic videotapes, CDs and magazines, according to the report.