TS Performer Buck Angel Sculpted by British Artist

Joanne Cachapero
LONDON — Award-winning transsexual performer Buck Angel has been in London for the past week as the invited subject of artist Marc Quinn, who will sculpt a likeness of Angel in marble.

The best-known female-to-male transsexual adult performer, Angel self-identifies as “the man with a pussy” and owns Buck Angel Productions, which has released several titles featuring the star, including “Buckback Mountain” and “V for Vagina.”

"Working with Marc Quinn is one of the most extraordinary experiences of my career. I feel so honored to have someone of Marc's caliber look at me as the subject for a piece of art ", Angel told XBIZ.

"Because I am 'the man with a pussy' and a porn star, this sculpture will push boundaries all over the world," Angel added.

U.K.-based Quinn burst onto the art scene in the late ‘80s in an exhibition called Freeze, for which he created a frozen self-portrait made from a mold of his own head and using nearly 10 pints of his own blood for material.

The artist is noted for his sculptures of subjects with amputated limbs or other physical disabilities; most famously, his sculpture titled, “Alison Lapper Pregnant,” which sits on a plinth in London’s Trafalgar Square. The subject is a woman born with no arms and severely shortened legs, in which she is portrayed at eight and half months pregnant.

Quinn also gained attention with two sculptures of supermodel Kate Moss, titled “Sphinx;” portrayed in an extreme yoga pose. Moss was modeled in both marble and solid gold, respectively.

The sculpture of Angel will be unveiled in an exhibition that Quinn will mount in London next year, and will eventually travel to New York and several other cities.

According to Angel, the statute will have his trademark cigar hanging from his mouth and will be partially nude, revealing his genitalia.