Nina Hartley Documentary Screens at NYC Film Fest

Tod Hunter
NEW YORK — A documentary focusing on veteran performer Nina Hartley screened Sept. 20 as part of the New York International Independent Film Festival.

"Nina," directed by R.C. Horsch, is called a film about "creative, accomplished, intelligent women; feminism; free expression; sex; and pornography." Adult industry personalities, including performer-turned-director Candida Royale and performers Juli Ashton, Midori, Ruby, Shayla LaVeaux, Anna Malle, Hank Armstrong and Richard Pacheco, also participated in the production.

On the film's website, Horsch admits that the documentary is one-sided in its advocacy: "It was made as a passionate political statement and I wish to emphasize that absolutely no attempt whatsoever was made to present opposing points of view."

Looking back on her career history in the film, Hartley says, "In the beginning I was the only person in the business who would willingly, with the lights on and not behind a screen, talk about it. Yes, I make pornography. I have these ideas and feelings about the subject. I am an entertainer. I am by nature an exhibitionist. Porn stars are role models whether they want to be or not. This is where people get their sex education, whether we like it or not. You can't take your next door neighbor couple and fuck in front of them and watch how they do it. This is it, we're it.

"It's a tragedy and a crime that for so long people have had to search an entertainment medium, an unconscious — low-conscious — entertainment medium, for nuggets of educational information."

For more information about "Nina" — including a transcript and an opportunity to watch the film or purchase the DVD — visit the film's website.