Spearmint Rhino to Release 'Rollin' With Goldie' This Week

NORCO, Calif. — Director Goldie DeWitt's "Rollin' With Goldie" hits stores Sept. 26 from Spearmint Rhino Films.

The film stars Felony, Cayden Moore, Crista Moore, Rachel Solari and Olivia O’Lovely and follows DeWitt as he hits the streets in an RV, stopping by gentlemen's clubs to pick up dancers who then watch him have sex with adult stars.

“'Rollin’ With Goldie' is a fresh and fun series,” said Amanda Casillas, director of sales for Spearmint Rhino Films. “It’s a fun, sexually charged road trip.”

DeWitt plans to roll out the RV for future installments of the series.

To order, contact Tom DeNiro at sales@ninnworx.com, or Amanda Casillas at sales@spearmintrhino.com, or call (951) 371-3788.