NRPW Adds Pro-Wrestler Melissa Coates to Roster

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Pro-bodybuilder, fitness model and wrestler Melissa Coates has joined forces with the Not Rated Professional Wrestling (NRPW) League. Coates has previous wrestling experience, having been a part of "NWA: Anarchy," past WWE pay-per-view events ("Backlash") and Women’s Extreme Wrestling.

Coates' matches are known for their action-packed qualities. Her signature move is known as the "facelift finisher."

Coates makes her debut at the next event Sept. 20 at the Bakersfield Dome in Bakersfield, Calif. Pro-wrestling greats Vampire Warrior, Dustin Rhodes, Buff Bagwell and Bull Buchanan, Tommy Gunn, Evan Stone and Craig Valentine will all appear.

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