Adult Toys’ Placement in Film Boosts Sales

Slav Kandyba
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – It remains to be seen whether the Coen Brothers comedy “Burn After Reading” will be to the Silky dildo and the Liberator pillow what “Sex in the City” was to the rabbit vibrator.

But, after being used in the mainstream black comedy, there’s a good possibility that more audience awareness will bring in more sales.

“Burn After Reading” stars Clooney, Brad Pitt and Frances McDormand in a comedic tale about classified CIA documents that get into the wrong hands. The mere fact that the sex-addict character played by George Clooney uses the combination of the products for a customized sex chair in the film can possibly translate to huge sales potential across the board owner Dave Levine told XBIZ.

“Since adult products are often not allowed to advertise to mainstream audiences and are usually kept out of pop culture, small mentions of adult products in mainstream media can have an outsized effect on sales,” Levine said. The Silky dildo is manufactured by Vallejo, Calif.-based Vibratex, and the Liberator Ramp, one of company’s best sellers, is part of Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear line from Atlanta-based OneUp Innovations.

This isn’t the first time that a product from the Liberator Bed line its way onto the silver screen: one was in “Meet the Fockers.”

“We anticipate great interest as a result of the film,” said Louis Friedman, director and CEO of Liberator. “We have always advocated the use of Liberator products for people of all shapes and sizes and inclusion in a major Hollywood film truly gives us that added mainstream appeal.”

The dildos are selling “fabulously well,” Vibratex Director of Marketing Stephanie Kienzle said. “To see a pleasure toy in a mainstream film is good for everybody.”

About a year ago, Vibratex was asked by a New York stylist to submit samples for use in the movie.

“Initially they got 10 different styles, and then they asked for more pieces,” Kienzle told XBIZ. “We knew it’d be used in chair built by George Clooney.”

Levine said he believes even a small mention in a film can mean more sales for pleasure toys and he’s displaying the dildo and the pillow prominently on his site. He adds that when HBO’s “Real Sex” episode featured glass dildos, the interest for the product “ignited.”