Maleflixxx Donates to TitanMen-Folsom Fund

Joanne Cachapero
TORONTO — Warming up to San Francisco Leather Pride Week, video-on-demand network Maleflixxx has made a donation to gay production company Titan Media’s fund that benefits nonprofit Folsom Events charities. The VOD provider has pledged $1,000 to the TitanMen-Folsom fund.

“Maleflixxx believes in building strong, vibrant communities that encourage individuality and the acceptance of others.” President of Sureflix Digital Distribution Eric Johnson continued, “We are proud to work with TitanMen and the Folsom Fund to help support many essential charities throughout the world.”

The Community Giving program, which was launched by Maleflixxx parent company Sureflix last year, made the donation. The check will be presented by Maleflixxx Founder and CTO Erik Schannen at the Folsom Street Fair, held in San Francisco on Sept. 28.

“Our thanks to the entire Maleflixxx team for their generous donation and support of the TitanMen-Folsom Fund” Titan Media Vice President Keith Webb said.

“With their help we hope to raise over $30,000 this year which will be given as grants to support nonprofit organizations specializing in gay men’s health issues across the U.S.,” Webb added.

“With budgets being slashed all over the country for non-profits and HIV/AIDS on the rise, particularly in young gay men of color,” Webb added, “it is even more important for leaders in the community to stand up and lend a hand. MaleFlixxx has proven time and time again that they support the gay community, both in deed and in action, and their donation is greatly appreciated.”

The Folsom Street Fair marks the culmination of San Francisco’s Leather Pride week. Titan Media is a presenting sponsor of the fair, and official partner with Folsom organizers as producer of the Folsom-branded of DVD titles. Proceeds from the sale of the DVD line also go to benefit Folsom charities, are included in the TitanMen-Folsom fund.

The studio has a strong policy of contributing to the community and promoting safer sex practices both in their production and at community events.

"We have been able to show that protection and profit can go hand-in-hand by producing the best-selling gay adult films in the world while maintaining a condom-only/safer sex policy,” Titan Media CEO Bruce Cam said. “The greatest gift we can give back to the community is the portrayal of safer sex and the use of condoms in our films. The value of single human life is worth more than any amount of money we could ever contribute," Cam said.