Hyde Park Releases Remake of 1st Film

PHOENIX — Hyde Park Productions cast six American twink performers for its newest release, “A Boy’s Dream,” which is set in Acapulco. "Dream" is Hyde Park’s most expensive production to date and marks the production company's debut with distributor Marina Pacific.

“The first video we ever produced eight years ago was called ‘A Bois Dream’ and it sold some 3,000 units … and that was when VHS was still the most popular format," said producer Doug Knight. "Ted and I thought we should remake the film incorporating all that we have learned over the years and utilizing today’s technology to show just far we have come.”

"Dream" was filmed almost entirely outdoors and in high-definition 1440x1040. The film's set piece is an underwater orgy featuring tough-to-assume sexual positions.

“A Boy's Dream” stars veteran performers Cayleb Wayne and Ryan Meyers and newcomers Aaron Kacin, Evan Fairbanks, Billy Helms and Justin Stewart.

“A Boy's Dream” is available now.