OGV Releases 2 New Titles This Week

VAN NUYS, Calif. — OGV releases two new gonzo titles this week: "Perfect Latinas" and "Salsa Caliente."

The studio released "The New Cherry Poppers" on Blu-ray in early September, but before that it had been nearly seven months since its last new title release.

“Frankly, it’s just too hard to get a new release out there these days," Bob East of IGV said. "The economy is bad, gas prices are high and so numbers are down. And it makes no sense to flood a depressed market with new product. That’s why we wait until we feel we have something worth releasing. These two titles are packed with gorgeous ladies and hot sex and are being sold at a reasonable price - just what these times call for."

To order, call (800) 736-9681, or email bob@menofogv.com.