Shunga Debuts New Personal Products

Tod Hunter
MONTREAL — Shunga Erotic Art has added two new products to its line: Divine Oral Pleasure Gloss and Oriental Body Slide.

"We are very proud of these new products," Shunga Marketing Director Ron Vaillancourt told XBIZ. "They strongly represent what our philosophy is all about: Romance, adventure, well-being and, of course, innovation."

Divine Oral Pleasure Gloss is a lipgloss. It has the scent of strawberries and champagne and gives a warming and tingling sensation, followed by a cooling sensation. Divine Oral Pleasure Gloss is packaged in a detailed but discreet box.

Oriental Body Slide was inspired from the art of body-to-body massage given by geishas to their patrons. Geishas were experts in the field of sensual massage. The Oriental body-to-body massage is an erotic experience where two bodies, in almost complete weightlessness, move effortlessly against each other in a slip-and-slide motion.

The Oriental Body Slide Erotic Massage Gel package contains pre-mixed formula that can produce up to four liters of massage gel, the activator and a disposable waterproof gold sheet. The user prepares the gel by mixing the contents of Bottle 1 in a gallon of lukewarm water, then activating with the contents of Bottle 2. An illustrated guide located on the packaging suggests a few massage techniques and positions in order for lovers to explore the adventure of body-to-body massage.

Oriental Body Slide Erotic Massage Gel comes in three fragrances: strawberry, melon-mango and exotic fruit.

Both new products are scheduled for October release.

"All our products are very special, and these new ones are no exception," Vaillancourt told XBIZ. "We love to create products that people love and look forward seeing more smiles because of them."

Shunga Erotic Art products are made in Montreal, and use Shunga, Japanese erotic art from the 16th to the 18th centuries, on their pacjkages The complete collection has 13 categories of products including massage oils, heating aphrodisiac oils, body powders, massage creams, massage candles, orgasm stimulation cream for women, lubricants, natural herbal supplements for sexual energy and chocolate body paint.

For more information on the complete product line, visit the company's official website at .