Sik World To Debut New Items at Las Vegas International Lingerie Show

CYBERSPACE — Clothing manufacturer Sik World announced that it will debut new items from its winter 2008 clothing line at this year's Las Vegas International Lingerie Show Sept. 15-17.

Sik World clothing can be seen on the Pavillion stage, along with Hustler Lingerie, Electric Lingerie and I Love Vagina Clothing. The stage will feature an open bar, including free Cocaine energy drinks and hourly fashion shows.

“The Las Vegas International Lingerie Show is the largest lingerie show held in the United States and has been a great show for us over the past few years," said Jaysun Chall of Sik World. "We’re really excited to show off the new stuff. We have some very strong pieces this season."

Sik World's Winter 2008 clothing line includes T-shirts with slogans like "Tell Your Boyfriend To Stop Texting Me" and “Guitar Players Finger Better,” and thongs that read “All You Can Eat.”

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