Jet Set’s New Man of Steele

JC Adams,
NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Newcomer Marcus Steele has signed on as the latest exclusive performer with Jet Set Productions. He costars in the upcoming blue movies “Slide” and “Muscle Mountain.”

Steele, 24, is a Southerner.

“He speaks with a soft twang but fucks with a hard seven-inch cock that is always at the ready,” the studio said.

“Marcus is a polite, Southern gentleman until it comes time to do a scene, at which point he turns into a total sexual dynamo,” said Chris Steele [no relation], “Slide” director and Jet Set’s head of production.

“Muscle Mountain” director John Tegan, also the company’s director of marketing, praised Marcus Steele’s willingness to up the sexual ante in a scene.

“He is a horny top who had no problem rolling over and taking a cock up his ass to keep the sexual energy of the scene high,” Tegan said.

“Slide” and “Muscle Mountain” are due in October and November, respectively.

Steele’s costar in both films, Derec Stone, signed an exclusive contract with the studio last week. They join Aaron James and other recent signees David Dakota and Dylan Wood.

Wholesale and retail sales for Jet Set Productions are managed by Marina Pacific Distributors.