Tantus Releases Alumina Line

Tod Hunter
CHULA VISTA, Calif. — Sex toy manufacturer Tantus has introduced its first line of metal toys, made out of aluminum.

"We felt that aluminum helps us to speak clearly to the philosophy that we've always practiced, which is healthy for the body, but also healthy for the environment," Tantus Director of Sales and Marketing Michelle Goodbrand told XBIZ. "Aluminum allows us to recycle the waste products very easily, which we find to be healthy for the environment."

All four items are made of solid aeronautic grade aluminum. All have anodized finishes, which add to the items' eye appeal and also increase corrosion resistance and wear resistance. They can be cleaned with soft soap and water or on the top shelf of a dishwasher.

The four items — Pace, Flow, Revolve and Motion — "are designed to play anatomically with your body's pleasure zones," Goodbrand said. The four items all unscrew into two parts, and the parts are all compatible with each other.

Pace is a 5-inch plug made for prostate stimulation. Each end gives a different sensation and each end is fully functional for erogenous play.

Flow is a simple design meant for fluid movement, with a 9 1/4 length and one broad end and one narrow end. It is recommended for PC exercises and learning to relax the sphincter muscles.

Revolve is 8 inches long, with graduated nodules on one end and a bulb on the other end. Each end gives a different sensation, and it is recommended for G-spot stimulation.

Motion has an intense form, much like Revolve but with spade-shaped heads at both ends of its 8 3/4 inch length. Each end gives a different sensation and it also can be used for G-spot stimulation.

Aluminum holds temperatures well and is compatible with all personal lubricants. The Alumina items can be warmed with hot water or cooled in a glass of ice water, and can go from one extreme to the other rapidly.

"Test marketing shows this is going to be an exceptionally well-received line," Goodbrand said. "They last a lifetime — and if anything happens to it it's easily recyclable."

Tantus products are hand-made in the U.S., using green manufacturing processes.

For more information, visit the Tantus website.