Forplay Releases New Fantasy, Legwear Collections

Oliver Sanders
TEMPLE CITY, Calif. — Lingerie manufacturer Forplay has announced the release of its new Luxe collection of legwear and prepackaged fantasy lingerie costumes to retailers in time for Halloween.

Forplay is self-distributed year-round through the company’s wholesale division. Its products currently can be found in Hustler Hollywood, Lovers Lane, Fascinations, Playboy stores and more. Forplay is also available in Europe, Canada, Asia and Australia.

The company also has announced that it will now include a freestanding display feature for select retailers. The display allows merchants to feature up to 32 different styles of any packaged category, up to six units deep and comes with signage and artwork included.

“Our fixture allows retailers to merchandize effectively,” said Forplay merchandise manager Primrose Boon. “We have that great brand recognition out there and it allows retailers to put all our merchandise into one section.”

The company has been in the industry for 20 years and recently received its first StorErotica award for dancewear manufacturer of the year.

Boon said that the company is quickly moving forward and is already making plans for 2009.

“Right now we’re preparing for next year’s Halloween and prepping our Vol. 1 Catalog,” Boon said. “We’re bringing more styles to the Luxe lines, featuring new lingerie, fantasy costumes and swimsuits and adding to our award winning dancewear line.”

Boon said that while Forplay is best known for its sexy Halloween offerings, the company has something for every special day.

“The best thing about our themed, prepackaged lingerie sets is that they aren’t just for Halloween,” Boon said. “They can be worn year-round for Valentines’ Day, anniversaries or any special occasion.”

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