Teravision Unleashes ‘Sex Offenders’

Joanne Cachapero
STUDIO CITY, Calif. — Adult production company Teravision has released “Sex Offenders,” the debut title from first-time director Aunt Gertrude.

The title features Digital Playground contract starlet Stoya, as well as starlets Roxy Deville, Regan Reese, Holly Wellin, Lexi Belle and Ariel X, and is aimed at audiences with a fetish for public sex.

Teravision executive producer Sancho told XBIZ, “It’s a great movie. We just wanted to do something that was more on the edge and off beat.”

Despite what some might consider an “alt” porn feel to the movie, Gertrude told XBIZ that she considers the film a straight-up gonzo release.

“It’s pretty much public sex. Lexi Belle starts her scene off in a moving car and ends up in an open garage,” she said. “There’s sex in elevators. It’s definitely hardcore gonzo and I love making that type of stuff. I don’t think it should be classified. It’s a gonzo flick. I think it really touches on the fetish of public sex more than anything else, and I think it’s filthy-hot sex.

“It is definitely not an alt title,” Gertrude added. “The cast that I chose, I chose because they’re talented and they’re super-hot, and they were just the people that were perfect for the movie. If a girl had tattoos or piercings — Stoya has lavender hair in this — people kind of consider that alt, but to me, I’m just using talent.”

Gertrude, who worked in postproduction for five years prior to her foray into directing, also goes by the name Xtin, and has worked for several studios including Digital Playground and Hustler.

“Sex Offenders” was a concept originally designed by her husband, an industry photographer/videographer, and was produced as a collaboration between the couple, which put Gertrude at the helm. Her access to talent and experience prepared her for the role of director.

The movie features what Gertrude called Stoya’s “first hardcore penetration” scene, using a strap-on with Ariel X. In fact, Gertrude said that she showed Stoya how to use a strap-on, and the starlet seemed to have natural talent for it.

“I taught her how to use a strap-on and it was totally gynecological,” Gertrude said. “We’re both bisexual. We both love girls. It was one of those things, that we were such good friends; it was kind of funny for us,” she said. “I was at my vacation home in Massachusetts, and we were together, and I was like, ‘Come on…’ and she said she didn’t want to hurt me. But Stoya is really rough. [In the scene] she’s choking Ariel X. I was very proud of her — it was great fun.”

Gertrude also pointed out that the movie’s editor, William DeFault, was integral to developing the movie’s visual style.

“I’m used to working close with editors and he’s a good friend and so talented,” she said. “I told him that I wanted a comic book feel for the scenes — like a filthy, smutty comic book and he totally nailed it — and knew what to do.”

For more information on Aunt Gertrude, visit her MySpace page.

To see a trailer from “Sex Offenders,” visit TeraTrailers.com.

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