Music Producer Randy Craftwood Brings Skills to Adult

Oliver Sanders
NEW YORK — Music producer Randy Craftwood is looking to bring a new focus to the music in adult films and expand his list of credits in the industry.

Craftwood had been a mainstream music producer for a number of years and decided to get involved in adult because he wanted to bring higher production value to the scores of adult films.

So far, Craftwood has worked with BurningAngel Productions, Zero Tolerance and Primal Productions and has been recording not just individual songs but entire libraries for studios in the adult industry.

Craftwood got his start working with Joanna Angel, whom he got in touch with by reaching out to her after reading about Burning Angel’s focus on music in a magazine.

“On a whim I sent her an email about the article and we just kind of bonded and became friends,” Craftwood told XBIZ. “I threw her a piece of music and she said ‘this really works.’ I’ve always been an adult film fan and I thought this could be interesting.”

Angel said she has Craftwood’s musical presence in her work has been beneficial on a number of platforms.

"His music has been a great addition to my hardcore movies and my website,," Angel said. "Craftwood rocks."

Craftwood said he was particularly motivated by the fact that a lot of the videos he watched had very basic soundtracks that seemed unfit for the high resolution that most adult content is now shot in.

“I’m not trying to put together a synthesizer and a drum machine,” he said. “That doesn’t work for today’s cutting-edge, high-definition cinematic element. The picture is so bright and clear that the music has to match, and that’s what I’m trying to do.”

He recently attended a few adult expos and has been doing his fair share of networking, meeting with companies like Hustler and Teravision.

Craftwood describes his style as “everything from crunching metal to pure punk to hard hitting hip hop beats.”

He is planning to launch his website soon and said that it will give adult content producers the opportunity to preview his music, view his previous work and send him their musical requests for a particular film or scene.

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