Lover's Choice Rolls Out New Erotic Board Games

Bob Preston
BURLINGTON, Ontario — Adult novelty purveyors Lover's Choice have unveiled a suite of new couples-friendly sex board games.

The company has rolled out the new Tease & Please by Lover's Choice Heart Collection in anticipation of the holiday season. To play, consumers engage in a series of erotic challenges chosen from a heart-shaped box filled with tiny scrolls.

Players must pluck these scrolls from the box with tweezers, adding in a layer of "Operation"-style skill. A company representative said the scrolls add old-fashioned charm to the experience.

"The scrolls hearken to the days when special messages were delivered on scrolls and carnal human passions weren't superseded by distractions lovers currently struggle with in the age of technology," the representative said.

The suite of games includes five different versions:

• The Romantic Heart, which features 100 different challenges designed to encourage intimacy and passion.
• The Kama Sutra Heart, which features challenges taken from the classic erotic book.
• The Kinky Heart, which "tests the boundaries of sexual imagination and exploration."
• The Gayrotic Heart, which challenges men to broaden their sexual horizons.

Lover's Choice President and CEO Randall Hughes said that his company strives to provides couples with fun games that make great gifts.

"Whether couples are seeking to keep each other warm during the cold holiday season or that special, one-of-a-kind Valentine's Day gift, the fact that the Tease & Please by Lover's Choice Heart Collection caters to all types of lovers through a variety of products means they're primed to move,” he said.

Lover's Choice has also expanded production on the French and Spanish versions of its Discover Your Lover board game.

For more information, visit or call (905) 335-9993. For information specifically about the Tease & Please line of products, visit