‘Hollywood Judge’ Seeking Biz Lawsuits for Reality Show

JC Adams, GayPornTimes.com
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Producers of “The Hollywood Judge,” a new daytime courtroom show, are seeking adult film actors with potential industry-related cases.

“We are looking for unique small claims court cases to feature on this exciting new court show,” a show representative said.

A small claims case currently awaiting a court ruling is acceptable.

Potential cases could include “an adult star that has a dispute with another adult star over lost wages due to their stealing a job,” the lead casting director told XBIZ.

Other cases could include not getting paid for a personal appearance, as well as “a costume designer who skipped town with your flashy new outfit, or a hairstylist who gave you a bad bleach job, and you want them to pay for what they did to you.”

Mark Fiedel, esq., will preside over the courtroom. A graduate of Rutgers College and the Touro Law Center, he has practiced law since 1991, primarily in Miami.

He has appeared in civil, criminal, family and juvenile courts.

“The Hollywood Judge” is being produced by Shoot Productions for a projected airdate of spring 2009.

“The thing that makes this show different from all the other court shows is that it focuses on cases that are L.A.- or Hollywood-oriented,” said the casting director. “So the juicier the case, the better.”

Applicants should email their name, cell phone number and a description of the claim or dispute, including contact information of the other party, if possible, to HollywoodJudgeCasting@gmail.com .

Filming will take place in Los Angeles. Adult performers with SAG/AFTRA memberships may also apply.

Those chosen to appear on the show will be paid an appearance fee, as well as costs of their settlement.