Fashion Photographer Ron Harris Unveils New Model Kara Duhe

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Fashion photographer Ron Harris introduced 20-year-old model Kara Duhe this week. Harris discovered her during a recent trip to Florida and signed her to an exclusive contract in August.

Duhe is a full-time student majoring in human development.

"I love school," Duhe said. "I love learning about new things, especially things related to evolution and the creation of life. I'm very interested in studying about Darwin in school. I want to learn the science behind his theories of evolution."

Although the model only shoots softcore, Harris said that he receives phone calls every day asking for her to go hardcore, but he refuses.

"Kara does not look like the other girls in this business, who have been used and abused," Harris said. "That is why I love her sweet and lovable looks."

Harris is in the process of creating a site for Duhe. Meanwhile, her galleries and scenes are available exclusively through, with new content being added weekly.